+91 9642228688, 9642228655.     maidsandcooks@gmail.com Note:- Company always recommend that our clients get
their domestic help registered with the local police station.

Terms & Conditions

1) The Service charge would be one month’s salary to paid by Cash/ Cheque on the same day of the candidate joining.

2) Service charged is not refundable (Because we do credential verification and background check-up of the Maid it involves a lot of time and money for the Agency).

3)The replacement period will be 90 Days or 1 replacement from the date of joining for direct salary. If you pay the salary through the agency, we will replace any number of candidates.

4) If there are any minor issues can be resolved, we provide counseling before a decision is made for replacement.

5) A replacement shall be considered only after a minimum of 15 working days from the date of joining of the maid.

6) In the case of replacement,the salary of the no of days worked by the maid has to be paid to the company at the replacement day.

7) After one-year service completion, the customer has to renewal the contract again. If not the deposited amount will be transferred for next year term.

8) The Customer has to give 30 days notice period to the agency in case customer does not need the service or maid. If it fails customer has to pay one month salary to the agency.

9) The Company is not responsible for any theft, any damages ( We give you maids credentials verification details & photos all the papers you should take care Police Compliant).

10) Replacement depends on the availability of suitable candidate (Salary /Age /Work). The Customer has to wait for a replacement. In candidates replacement time transport charges are applicable to customers ( Customer has to pay the transportation charges).

11) After 1 year completion of service, a minimum of 10% salary has to be increased.

Facilities to Maids

1) For Live in maid as per labour act the domestic work social welfare society act -2010 per every year 21 days of leaves.

2) For Live out Maids as per labour act domestic work social welfare society act -2010 weekly one off and on national holidays and also depends on your mutual understanding with the maids.

3) Customer has to provide sufficient food and accommodation including basic amenities to the maids.
As responsible citizens, we often go that extra mile to ensure the well being of our maids to the best of our ability. A strong sense of social responsibility prompt us to support our maid through thick and thin yet we often debate upon the genuineness of the need.